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Chronicles of Narnia A-Z Watercolor Poster

I adore the world of Narnia, created by CS Lewis. I have re-read the series countless times myself and have also enjoyed numerous read aloud adventures with my own kids. I wanted to create something accessible and visual for them to look at to remind them of all of the great Narnian friends and foes, places and the spirit of adventure which pervades these books. To that end, I began to paint a Narnian alphabet using characters and items from the books for each of the letters. Each letter is represented by an original hand drawn and watercolor painting.

This project has definitely been a labor of love. I thrilled in the making of it, in a different way than some of my other works. This one took months of drawing/re-drawing/reworking the alphabet until I had it to a point I was personally satisfied. I hope you and yours will enjoy it as well.

This full size educational poster is 13x19", produced using the highest quality textured watercolor paper in combination with giclée printing technology to create a gorgeous and durable work of art. A smaller size at 9.5x13" is also available.

Complementing the print is our poster hanging system, which adds upper and lower runners made of solid teak wood to create an open display of the print. The teak hangers wrap around the print easily without the need for any additional tools or hardware, and the pre-attached leather strap makes it simple to place the finished product on any wall location.