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A Fine Quotation

Reading Passport To British Mysteries (Booklet + Stickers)

WHAT would the world BE without the British Mystery?

We might drink our tea a little easier and suspect less of the vicar. We might admire gardens more quickly without suspecting something sinister about a gopher hole but we would be less interesting people for it.

Do you need encouragement to dive in? Or, perhaps just an excuse to make reading a British Mystery more fun? This NEW Reading Passport will be hitting the shop on Monday. Like the British Classical Literature Passport, this one has authors selected but YOU choose the mystery. Have you been avoiding Chesterton? I remove your excuse. Collins? Welcome!

Bring a friend if you like and rest blissfully in the knowledge that after you travel through Britain with some of the world's leading detectives, the BBC will be waiting for you with open arms and plenty of seasons of Miss Marple to soothe any further distress. Bonus: you can read your way through this passport several times over because there is never an end to Death by Mysterious Circumstances.

In this passport, you'll receive "travel stamps" for each author you read titles from. With each book, give yourself the corresponding reward stamp, and write in the title of your selection. Be creative! These passports are just the start of a grand reading adventure and I hope you'll enjoy the ride!

Each passport has an original watercolor illustration on the front and the back. Each "travel stamp" also features an original watercolor portrait illustration of the author. They are 5 x 7" and come in a clear plastic sleeve for protection. Produced on heavyweight card stock material for durability.

I hope you enjoy your reading journey wherever it may take you!