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A Fine Quotation

Rachel Lynde Sticker (Anne of Green Gables)

Who doesn't love Mrs. Rachel Lynde? (At least secretly? In their heart of hearts?) Never was a woman in literature so exasperating and yet, at the same time, full of good will. She always means the best and states that emphatically.

This sticker features my original watercolor illustration of Mrs. Lynde along with one of her well-known emphatic statements. But don't mind her. She's known to be a woman who speaks her mind. But we love her just the same.

The sticker is approximately 3.5" tall, has a glossy finish and a strong adhesive backing, and is highly durable, suitable for use on any reasonably flat surface, including wood, metal, plastic, paper, water bottles, walls, etc. The material used in these stickers is rip-proof and resistant to water and UV light exposure, so they can be used indoors or outdoors.