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A Fine Quotation

Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Print

The Sea Cow Head lighthouse on Prince Edward Island has long been a favorite of mine. Whenever we travel to Prince Edward Island, we tend to make several stops at this point to watch the sunset. It is a semi-secluded, peaceful and gorgeous spot. My watercolor painting really can't do the scene any justice at all, but I painted this because this location holds a special place in my heart, from times spend with my best friend, to an anniversary getaway with my husband, to windy in-the-car picnics with the kids. Everything about this lighthouse and cliff speaks to my beauty loving soul.

This print is created using fine art giclée processes on velvet watercolor paper made from 100% cotton fiber. The paper stock is extremely thick with a naturally textured surface for a premium presentation, and may be displayed standalone or in a 5x7" frame.