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A Fine Quotation

Little Free Library Sticker

Fan of Little Free Libraries raise your hands! There's something magical about a Little Free Library. I can't help but approach them with a sense of excitement and adventure, wondering what treasures I'll find. Each one is most certainly a bookish treasure chest, full of possibilities. The thrill of finding a book you've been wanting to read or which looks intriguing is a real thing. Plus, the creators of these libraries are just so darn creative! I love the bright colors and interesting shapes. Personal touches from the owners are sweet things, to be sure! With all of that in mind, here's my way of showing a little love right back!

The sticker is about 2.75" wide, has a glossy finish and a strong adhesive backing, and is highly durable, suitable for use on any reasonably flat surface, including wood, metal, plastic, paper, water bottles, walls, etc. The material used in this sticker is rip-proof and resistant to water and UV light exposure, so it can be used indoors or outdoors.