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A Fine Quotation

Knights, Dragons, Castles and Bravery Mug

This 15oz mug is substantially larger than traditional 11oz coffee mugs, and has a more hefty feel, being nearly 5" tall. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, and is great for hot or cold liquids.

I painted this watercolor illustration because I wanted to remind people that bravery doesn't mean feeling 100% confident, but it frequently means waging a war within one's own self to do right in the face of those who would doubt truth altogether. This world needs people who will be courageous enough to stand up and speak up for truth and beauty. Young boys and girls need to be fed on a steady diet of fairy tales and good literature which will teach them that dragons exist and are there to be beaten. No, we aren't all naturally brave -- we have to set aside fears and 'do the next right thing' over and over again and *that* is bravery through and through.

This mug contains two original watercolor illustrations on opposite ends of the following quote by George MacDonald:

"To try to be brave is to be brave."