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A Fine Quotation

Do Not Dare Not to Dare Water Bottle (Narnia, C. S. Lewis)

I. love. Narnia. Out of the whole of Narnia, this quote is my very favorite and my life's quote:

"Do not dare not to dare."

It's so easy to stay stationary, locked in by fear. It's so hard to decide to do brand new, bold things that confuse and befuddle those around us. But daring to do greatly moves us into positions wherein we can celebrate life more fully and abundantly. Are you frequently waylaid by fear and doubts? Do not dare not to dare!

This water bottle is produced from 304-grade stainless steel, and features a double-wall insulated design to keep your drinks hot or cold as long as possible. It holds approximately 17oz of your favorite beverage within a leak-proof cap that will hold up to an active lifestyle!