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A Fine Quotation

Do Not Dare Not To Dare Bookmark (The Horse and His Boy, C. S. Lewis)

This bookmark features my own watercolor illustration of Bree and Hwin on one side, and vegan leather on the other (dyed a rich black tone), stitched together to create a durable, 4mm-thick rigid bookmark. It displays the following quote, from The Horse And His Boy, by C. S. Lewis:

"Do Not Dare Not To Dare"

This is my favorite line from the whole of the Narnia series. It's pretty much my life's motto. It's easy to think that anything is too hard to do but I don't want to live life in a timid manner, being unable to take a risk or dare to try something I've never done before. Fear of failure shouldn't be a barrier to living life to the fullest! That's what this line says to me: dare to dream it and dare to do it. Go all in and 'live to the hilt'.