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A Fine Quotation

Anne of Green Gables Kindred Spirit Christmas Mini Print (4 pack)

Puffed sleeves. That is perhaps the most memorable thing about Anne's Christmas at Green Gables -- when Matthew insists she ought to be able to have a night out and must be decked in puffed sleeves. It's a gift of love and sacrifice, coming from Matthew, and it made Anne's girlhood dream of wearing beautiful clothes come true. It's a bit heartwarming all around, really.

When I think of Christmas and the gifts that we give, I think of spending time really understanding another person, with all of their likes and dislikes. Giving a perfect gift is hard to do but it's oh so fun a challenge! This original watercolor illustration of Anne and Diana is meant to invoke feelings of friendship, camaraderie, and genuine care and concern for feelings of another. I hope that this Christmas is flooded with people looking for ways to bless others. After a rather tumultuous year, I think this is very necessary.

This print is a 3.5 x5" print. It is created using fine art giclée processes on velvet watercolor paper made from 100% cotton fiber. The paper stock is extremely thick with a naturally textured surface for a premium presentation, and is durable for mailing, sharing, or presenting in a 3.5x5" photo frame. The cards come 4 to a pack so you can keep one and pass the others if you like! Use for notecards or as art to decorate with!