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A Fine Quotation

Laura Ingalls Wilder Mug (Little House on the Prairie)

Raise your hand if you are a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House books? (Do I spy pretty much every hand in America raised?) Laura Ingalls Wilder is an iconic American figure and this mug is my tribute to her.

This mug features my original watercolor portrait of Laura as a young girl. Although she didn't care to wear a bonnet, I gave her one any way because I feel instinctively that Ma would have wanted it that way. The front of the mug features a picture of Laura (with her red hair ribbons!) and the back features the following quote which is included in an article she wrote for the Missouri Ruralist in February 1916: "Some old-fashioned things, like fresh air and sunshine, are hard to beat."

This mug is available in standard 11oz coffee mug size, as well as an extra-large 15oz mug with a more hefty feel, being nearly 5" tall. Both sizes are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are great for hot or cold liquids. The handle and interior are colored a cheery yellow.