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A Fine Quotation

Martin Luther Lutheran Coffee Mug

Martin Luther, the man who nailed 95 arguments to a church door and changed a world. Not only was he a gifted teacher, pastor, and theologian but he was also a hymnwriter. An interesting historical character with great importance to Christians in particular, I wanted to offer up a little tribute to him with this mug.

This mug features my original watercolor illustration of Martin Luther and the Luther Rose. The quote is a good one to bear in mind as well:

"We need to hear the Gospel every day, because we forget it every day."

This 15oz mug is substantially larger than traditional 11oz coffee mugs, and has a more hefty feel, being nearly 5" tall. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, and is great for hot or cold liquids. The handle and the inside of the mug are both black.