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A Fine Quotation

Reepicheep Mug

Reepicheep is my favorite character from the Chronicles of Narnia series. (It can admittedly be something of a struggle to narrow down my favorite and it's close between Reep and Puddleglum, but I think Reep wins.) Small, underestimated and full of spunk and loyalty is this mouse! I adore his bravery, his wit and his courage in the face of hardship. There are few literary characters I can think of that are so encouraging to the downtrodden. (Just think of his care for Eustace when Eustace was a dragon!)

This mug features my watercolor portrait of Reepicheep on one side, with the following quote on the other:

"If you are a foe we do not fear you, and if you are a friend your enemies shall be taught the fear of us."

To Reepicheep and all of our other literary heroes! But mostly, to Aslan!

The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and is great for hot or cold liquids. The interior and handle are both colored red, and it holds approximately 11 oz. of liquid.