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A Fine Quotation

Anne of Green Gables "The Race That Knows Joseph" Sticker

Those who understand the phrase "the race the knows Joseph" are undoubtedly among them. Fans of Anne of Green Gables series (and have made it all the way to Anne's House of Dreams) will recognize this phrase of Miss Cornelia's. It's another way of saying that you've found your Kindred Spirit.

This sticker contains the definition of this slang (would Miss Cornelia call it SLANG?!?!)/colloquialism: "Those who see eye-to-eye with you and have the same ideas about things." It is roughly 3 3/4" long and 1" high (give or take a smidge).

it has a glossy finish and a strong adhesive backing, and is highly durable, suitable for use on any reasonably flat surface, including wood, metal, plastic, paper, water bottles, walls, etc. The material used in these stickers is rip-proof and resistant to water and UV light exposure, so they can be used indoors or outdoors.